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ThinDesktop Online Activation License Tester

Author: ThinLaunch Support Reference Number: AA-00218 Views: 6606 Created: 2012-08-08 16:01 Last Updated: 2015-06-17 04:11 0 Rating/ Voters

You can use the ThinDesktop Online Activation License Tester to determine why clients in your environment are not receiving proper licenses.  All communication to the license server is via port 80 and uses simple http requests.

The official URL to our license server is:  Please check your DNS provider for the current valid IP address for our license server.

While we support activation issues related to our software, client connectivity issues are outside the scope of support. This also includes proxy server communication, etc.

As an alternative to online activation, you may talk with your sales rep and obtain an Enterprise Activation key.

The following tool has been developed to assist users with connectivity issues to the ThinLaunch license server.

Download the tool from:

Run the tool and bring up the test dialog:

Click on Test to test the connection and license.

Results of the communication will be displayed along with the XML response back from the license server. You can right click on the results pane and send the text to the clipboard.

License test results can be sent to support should you believe the issue to be unrelated to your environment.