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How to Use Kaviza Under ThinDesktop

Author: ThinLaunch Support Reference Number: AA-00208 Views: 5370 Created: 2012-01-20 15:05 Last Updated: 2012-05-11 18:10 0 Rating/ Voters

To Configure Kaviza for ThinDesktop 2.X:

1.       Download the client from


This will install the shell (kavizashell.exe) into your ThinDesktop program directory.


2.       Change the launch command for ThinDesktop to kavizashell.exe.


For ThinDesktop 2: browse to your ThinDesktop directory and use “Kavizashell.exe” as your launch command.

For ThinDesktop 3: Change your application shell to launch kavizashell.exe.


ThinDesktop is usually installed in “C:\Program Files\Thin Desktop\kavizashell.exe” or “C:\Program Files\ThinLaunch\ThinDesktop\kavizashell.exe”.


3.       Browse to the datastore folder inside of the ThinDesktop directory and edit the ThinDesktop.XML.


4.       For JavaConfig, place full path to your java executable.


5.       In Arguments, place your http:// path to your Kaviza server.


6.       Working directory can be blank.